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Self Improvement

What is Good Timing?

Jan 29 2012 09:37 PM | Umpire in Chief in Self Improvement

What is ‘Good Timing’ I personally believe that good timing is the number one way to move up as an umpire. Proper use of timing will give you the best opportunity to get your call correct. Timing is an abstract concept which can initially be difficu...

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Off Night

May 30 2009 01:32 PM | Mr Umpire in Self Improvement

Last week, I was doing a 3 man crew for 13y/o wooden bat championship. It had rained the game out once so it was about 5 days since I did a game and was behind the plate. This was a 7 inning, no time limit game(first mistake) with a possible game to...

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Game Journal: Your tool for self evaluation and...

Jan 17 2009 10:47 AM | Warren in Self Improvement

Game Journal: Your tool for self evaluation and improvementI wish I could remember who gave me the idea for a game journal or where I got the idea from. But as they say the memory is an imperfect tool; which leads me directly to my point… If you actual...

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Don't Be "That Guy"

Mar 09 2009 11:57 AM | Warren in Self Improvement

Forward—I write this not to say I am the world’s greatest umpire, or my partner sucked, because my partner called a good sound game. But I write this as a demonstration of how drastically game management effects the game. I initially I was going to tit...

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Getting ahead of the game and shaking off the r...

Jan 15 2009 04:29 PM | Warren in Self Improvement

It’s that time of the year again were starting to gear up for the 2009 season. I’m sure you want to make this your best season ever. Here are my thoughts for shaking the rust off early and being ready to go for the season. First, think back to last yea...

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Goal Setting : Creating your own path to success

Sep 25 2008 12:10 PM | Warren in Self Improvement

Goal Setting : Creating your own path to success In this world one of life’s greatest truths is nobody is just going to give you anything you have to earn what you want through hard work. I’ve had an interesting few weeks in my baseball career. At the...

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