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I Hate Shorts

Dec 26 2012 09:59 PM | Carl Childress in Miscellaneous

I Hate ShortsBy Carl ChildressMy teaching career lasted 33 years, 10 and a half in college. When summer ended and I had to return to "work," what I hated most was having to wear long pants. Nowadays, I wear long pants only when I go to the doct...

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So May I Introduce to You ...

May 09 2012 09:22 PM | Carl Childress in Miscellaneous

So May I Introduce to You ... I’m writing my first article in eleven years for anyone other than Officiating.com. Naturally that’s a bit unnerving. You see, I know the demographics of my readers at Offcom. But here at Umpire-Empire .... Yes, I admit i...

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New Blue: Trouble and Triumphs of the Freshly M...

Aug 28 2008 08:04 AM | blue bomber in Miscellaneous

New Blue:Trouble and Triumphs of the Freshly Minted Umpire Part I How did you get into being an umpire? That’s the question I’ve been asked the most over the past few weeks. My answer always starts with “Well there was this old man cutting my hair in...

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Thoughts from the Coordinator

Aug 28 2008 01:11 PM | JohnT in Miscellaneous

Thoughts from the Coordinator As I am sitting down to write this, my hair on the top of my head is getting more grey than ever before. The role as an umpire scheduler can be a tough job, especially when your guys in blue don’t do their job correctly....

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An Open Letter to my Partner

Apr 26 2009 08:52 PM | therefump in Miscellaneous

Writer's Note: My partner has been doing baseball since 1985 following in his Dad's footsteps. He's got a heart as big as California and wants to do this as good as anyone in the business. He's just got some idiotsyncracies (yes, I spel...

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Pet Peeves

Aug 28 2008 12:41 PM | Warren in Miscellaneous

Pet Peeves The other night one of my buddies and I went out for a FCAB (Frosty Cold Adult Beverage) after the meeting kicking off our season. We are both itching to get back on the field. We had a great time but eventually we got into a jovial convers...

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So You Want to Be an Umpire?

Aug 28 2008 12:19 PM | Warren in Miscellaneous

So You Want to Be an Umpire? Well it all starts right here at the amateur level. Whether your goal is to do local youth recreation games, to be behind the plate for the College World Series, or to make it to the big leagues; amateur umpiring is a rewa...

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Rob Drake, Thank you for TheUmpireLife

Aug 28 2008 02:33 PM | Warren in Miscellaneous

Rob Drake, Thank you for TheUmpireLife It was with a heavy heart I removed TheUmpireLife from the links section of Umpire-Empire and from my bookmarks. I first visited TheUmpireLife in January of this year when doing some research for this site. At t...

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Umpiring and Social Networking

Jun 03 2010 10:12 AM | Warren in Miscellaneous

Umpiring and Social Networking I know a few things about social networking, after all in the grand scheme of things Umpire-Empire is a social networking site and in just over 2 years has grown to be one of the largest and most visited umpiring sites...

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