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Facing the New Season – 2015 Masks

Jan 22 2015 09:47 AM | MadMax in Equipment

Umpire-Empire.com member MadMax breaks down the latest offerings in both hockey style masks & traditional umpire masks including All-Star, Nike, UnderArmour, Wilson, Force3, Schutt, Mizuno, Diamond and Rawlings.

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First Annual Umpire-Empire.com Outstanding Umpi...

Jan 28 2013 05:34 PM | Umpire in Chief in Equipment

p.ex1 {margin-left:2cm;line-height:150%}p.ex2 {margin-left:4cm;line-height:150%}p.big {line-height:250%}p.normal {line-height:150%} First Annual Umpire-Empire.com Outstanding Umpire Tools (OUT) AwardsWarren F. WorkmanJanuary 28, 2012Umpire-Empire.com i...

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I Hate Shorts

Dec 26 2012 09:59 PM | Carl Childress in Miscellaneous

I Hate ShortsBy Carl ChildressMy teaching career lasted 33 years, 10 and a half in college. When summer ended and I had to return to "work," what I hated most was having to wear long pants. Nowadays, I wear long pants only when I go to the doct...

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Get to Know- JaxRolo

Jan 04 2013 09:03 AM | Umpire in Chief in Get to Know

Get to Know JaxRolo Just the Facts Name: Rolando AlmaguerHometown: Jacksonville, FLUmpire-Empire member since January 2010Over 4000 posts at the time of this article.When did you begin umpiring? In 2009 after a 20 year layoff.What levels of baseball...

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So May I Introduce to You ...

May 09 2012 09:22 PM | Carl Childress in Miscellaneous

So May I Introduce to You ... I’m writing my first article in eleven years for anyone other than Officiating.com. Naturally that’s a bit unnerving. You see, I know the demographics of my readers at Offcom. But here at Umpire-Empire .... Yes, I admit i...

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Avoiding Dehydration & Beating the Heat

Aug 28 2008 12:00 PM | Warren in Health & Fitness

Avoiding Dehydration & Beating the Heat We're now in the dog days of summer. The high school & college seasons are behind us. Many of us are now involved in a variety of different games, from youth All-Star Tournaments, Travel ball (AAU/US...

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What is Good Timing?

Jan 29 2012 09:37 PM | Umpire in Chief in Self Improvement

What is ‘Good Timing’ I personally believe that good timing is the number one way to move up as an umpire. Proper use of timing will give you the best opportunity to get your call correct. Timing is an abstract concept which can initially be difficu...

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Interview with Mike Di Muro

Jan 04 2011 03:10 AM | Umpire in Chief in Interviews

http://umpire-empire.com/images/Di_Muro1.jpg I'm pleased to have Mike Di Muro join us for an interview. Mike is a 10 year veteran and has worked the 2000 NLDS, the 2005 All-Star Game, and the 2010 ALDS. Mike is also co-founder of Blue for...

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Interview with Jim Kirk of Ump-Attire.com

Apr 28 2009 05:24 AM | Warren in Interviews

http://www.ump-attire.com/ump-attire-logo-lge.gif I'm glad to have the opportunity to ask Jim Kirk, owner of Ump-Attire.com, a few questions. I think you'll enjoy some of his insight as a supplier.Warren: How did you originally get into the...

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Interview with Jim Reynolds

Nov 07 2010 12:48 PM | Warren in Interviews

http://umpire-empire.com/images/ReynoldsBoston.jpg http://umpire-empire.com/images/photo-right-crew-reynolds-welke.jpg I recently had the opportunity to ask Major League Umpire Jim Reynolds (#77) a few questions. Jim is a 1992 graduate of Jim Evans A...

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