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  2. Where is the arrow pointing?

    Which makes us look like the assholes when we call it during the season.
  3. Can you do anything here?

    Agree with all of the above, and as you said, the "rectify situation" rule (10-2-3L) doesn't provide enough latitude to "unkill" a play.
  4. Can you do anything here?

    DIdn't watch the video, but : Whenever the umpire messes up like this, you will find tension between those who want to "do what's right" (advance the runners) and those who "go by the rules" (return the runners, unless forced). It's similar to the questions we get periodically (including recently) on "the runner and the umpire collide -- the runner would have made an extra base" and whether this is UI (it's not). You can't really use 10-2-3 because the rule is pretty clear on what to do when time is called. And, you can't use the "rectify situations" clause because a rule wasn't reversed. The best we can hope for is that the umpire learns from this mistake.
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  6. Can you do anything here?

    Once the Time has been called and the ball ruled dead, there isn't any taking it back. The only thing that can be done to "fix" the situation is the umpires would get together and attempt to determine where the runners would have ended up without time being called, then place the runners. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  7. Can you do anything here?

    Start at about the 48:00 mark. R2, R3 with 2 outs. Batter clips catcher's glove on swing but still serves ball into center field. Home plate umpire kills the play immediately and places batter at 1B keeping R2 and R3 in place. As all runners would have gotten a base, including B/R, the interference should have been disregarded. Can the umpire do anything to correct the misapplication of the rule? Also, what would you if you were a field umpire?
  8. Time to update this one... Grandal just went bye bye as well... 3 in one game, all arguing balls and strikes. I am a HUGE Dodger fan... sorry Grandal... that was a strike.
  9. Missed call?

    You downvoted me because you conflated a pitched ball with a thrown ball?
  10. HP Umpire Tripp Gibson ejected Dodgers LF Matt Kemp and Manager Dave Roberts (strike three call; QOCY) in the top of the 5th inning of the Dodgers-Cubs game. With two out and one on (R1), Dodgers batter Kemp took a 2-2 changeup from Cubs pitcher Tyler Chatwood for a called third strike. Replays... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  11. Glove Knocked Off - Detached Equipment?

    Those guys could be two of a hundred umpires whose posts I’ve read on Facebook.
  12. Glove Knocked Off - Detached Equipment?

    I respect every umpire on this site, and I have a general respect for most umps with regard to the job they have to do, and that they keep doing it. But, some of the responses here seem to indicate surprise at the behavior, laziness, lack of attention to detail, non-professionalism, etc, displayed by the umpires in this video. Give me ten minutes I'll post another 100 videos just like it (and, yeah, I know...nobody posts the youtube videos where the ump did his job admirably) I'm not going to say the umps in the video represent the vast majority. But I will say that the umps on this site are on the uncommon side of the equation. How many umpires are out there, and how many are members here, or sites like here? Umpires (and coaches) come to sites like this because they WANT to learn and get better...and their search for information, for ways to improve, brings them to a site like this. Umpires aren't using sites like this either because they aren't interested in learning, or don't think they have anything to gain....they know it all already (I don't buy the lack of time argument). They won't find sites like this if they're not looking for ways to improve. They will if they are. It literally took me 60 seconds to find this site, as a result of wanting to validate a certain rule during a google search, determine its value/potential, and register for it. In my travels as a coach, in five provinces, five states, and hundreds of games I have come to the conclusion that I am more likely to run into the umps in the video above (or ones like them) than I am to run into umps from this forum (or ones like them) And that's the perception you as umpires are dealing with every time you show up for a game. You have an uphill battle, and are already behind the eight ball before the first pitch is thrown.
  13. Knee Pop

    I agree that it's the toughest one IMO. I've had a couple instances this year where a team was asking for it but I just couldn't see it. I also don't want to go crazy and start calling it all the time.
  14. Where is the arrow pointing?

    Both look illegal to me, although the first one could use another angle to be definitive. His feet look parallel to the rubber though, which is a pretty good indication. Seemed like NCAA really wanted this called the last couple years, but maybe their mindset is the CWS is not the time to go after it...
  15. Missed call?

    Google "40 baseball rules myths" and see what else you "know for sure that just ain't so."
  16. Missed call?

    What about when F1, while engaged with the rubber, attempts to pick off a runner and throws the ball out of play? Or perhaps when F1 pitches and the pitch sails out of play?
  17. Glove Knocked Off - Detached Equipment?

    Wow! That was actually painful to watch. I wonder if these umps can wear white socks, BU puts on a ball bag with a brush to sweep the bases, and why they are at it turn their bill caps around backwards.
  18. Missed call?

    You are incorrect. A ball thrown out of play awards all runners two bases, every time. If it's the first play by an infielder (unless, as noted above ALL runners including the BR have already advanced at least one base), then the award is based on the runners' bases last legally touched at the time of the pitch. On all other throws out of play, the award is based on the runners' bases last legally touched at the time the throw was released.
  19. Missed call?

    Yes, this is incorrect, at least as far as baseball. Awards are from a specified time, either time of throw, time of pitch, or time of infraction. In this case, time of pitch - when the pitcher made a movement committing him to pitch - is the relevant time. As an example, have you ever seen a batter hit a deep fair ball that bounces out of play after he's already past 2B and would have made 3B easily? Even though he may already be past 2B, he still has to go back to 2B on a 'ground rule double'. Well, it's not because of any ground rule, but simply that is a two base award from time of pitch.
  20. Missed call?

    Well, nevermind my above post. I looked it up and learned my lay understanding (for 30 years) was wrong. Oh well.
  21. 4. PU didn't watch R1 touch 3rd nor did BU watch BR touch 2nd. I would normally say bad things happen when we don't do our job, but the bad thing already did happen.
  22. Missed call?

    Am not an ump, but I've always thought that on a throw out of play (dead ball) runners get base being run toward and also the next base after taht. Was R1 heading to third base when the ball was dead ? From your description I infer he was stopped at second and not heading to third, so he'd only get the next base. This is incorrect ?
  23. Missed call?

  24. Missed call?

    Unless all runners INCLUDING the BR have advanced -- the BR hadn't.
  25. Missed call?

    First play by an infielder is a time of pitch (TOP) award.
  26. Missed call?

    During the CWS Arkansas vs Texas. there was a play with R1 on first, it was a hit and run, as R1 gets to second, and the ball was batted and the F6 fields the ball up the middle. R1 had arrived at 2B, by the time F6 released the ball towards 1B. The ball sailed into the first base dug out. They put the batter(R2) on second and put R1 on 3rd. Why wasn't R1 awared home? He was at 2B at the time of the throw?
  27. Balk

    Pretty much all the regular youth travel in central OH and most of the tournaments are Fed based, with varying degree of local modifications.
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