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  2. Mask frames

    How does the weight of the Steel compare to the Nike TI or Wilson TI?
  3. Can someone give a comparison of the new Under Armour Men's Ultimate Turf Trainer to the New Balance base shoe?
  4. Batter interference Rangers A’s

    That overpaid idiot is Ray Fosse. Unfortunately, he has been part of the Oakland A's broadcast team for over 30 years.
  5. Today
  6. CB Bucknor left Monday night's assignment in Cincinnati for unknown reasons just one inning early. Heading into bottom of the 8th inning of the Braves-Reds game, the Atlanta broadcast noticed an umpire was missing from the field of play, identifying the absent arbiter as CB Bucknor. No reason was... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  7. Batter interference Rangers A’s

    Did anyone find out who the (Over)Paid Idiot was on that game broadcast?
  8. Jump spin from modified

    No such thing. Good thing, it's not a violation (generally) try to pitch.
  9. Jump spin from modified

    Half in stretch half in windup. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  10. Batter interference Rangers A’s

    And we wonder why myths perpetuate.
  11. Batter interference Rangers A’s

    I actually feel bad for the guys that will work in the area that sees that broadcast and has to deal with the daddy coaches that will believe what that commentator just said.
  12. Just arrived this afternoon: Yup, that’s a Diamond DFM-iX3-Pro. For catchers. In aluminum. It weighs nothing. I gotta say, the pads on this thing, as simple as they are, are better than the default pads on the Umpire version (not the DFM-UMP-BL)! In any case, it’s strong, light, and offers a rather generous eyeport. It won’t bend. The only reason this didn’t really gain traction with catchers is because it’s not an All-Star or UnderArmour, or Nike, or Easton (who all use titanium or steel), and the NFHS codes prohibit them. Without them carried on retail shelves, they’re only order-able online, where they get undercut by insanely cheap steel masks (Rawlings, Wilsons and MacGregors) or overlooked in favor of the name-brand starlets (Easton, UnderArmour, All-Star). I ordered this mask in for one of my fellow umpires who is using an old TAG -brand steel, bent like a coat hanger would be to be used as a TV antenna. I have a black harness for it, and we’ll be teaming this up with +POS tan leather pads... which should be arriving any day now. Oh yeah, the price? Ordered direct from Diamond, $30.
  13. Jump spin from modified

    I'm curious...what is this "modified," "combo" stuff?
  14. Jump spin from modified

    Just a full description is all Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  15. LLWS 2018

    Congrats main ump ......that is awesome.
  16. Make A Wish

    I am participating in a charity event for Make A Wish this weekend. It is a 24 hr tournament in Las Vegas. Please donate if you can to help raise money so kids can go n their Wish Trip. We are also having a Top Golf ball drop contest. Winner gets a $500 GC to Top Golf. If you live in or near Vegas and want to play you still can. See the site to donate or participate. http://site.wish.org/site/TR?team_id=13782&fr_id=2703&pg=team Scroll down to Joey Pletka to donate. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated. Joey
  17. I pulled a Suzuki

    @MadMax, I hadn't put together the "boxer's split" and what happened to me, but I think you're dead-on correct.
  18. Batter interference Rangers A’s

    Thanks for the warning, but I didn't heed it
  19. ... and you should. Oh, you so should! Why pay $150+ for something that hasn't changed or been updated in over 15 years, weighs considerably more, doesn't breathe, and is no more protective than an alternative that costs half as much??!! #EvolveOrExpire #TheWIsn'tEverything
  20. I pulled a Suzuki

    Do you know what a "boxer's split" is, @scrounge ? Where the leather/fabric/vinyl of the boxing glove hits at such an angle against the face that it causes a rift or rupture of the skin? We wonder why boxers bleed facially when no blades or sharp objects are being used... well, this is why. The leather pads are being abruptly shoved against the skin. On the mask side, that spring mount – carrying the energy of the ball impact – is driving the pad as a hard object. On the face side, your jaw bone (chin) is the other hard object. Both soft tissues compress, but because your skin and chin tissue is alive (at least, it should be), fluid (lymph, blood, etc.) rushes back to that spot to deal with that trauma. If the skin is momentarily weakened, the rebounding force (off the jawbone) will cause a rift, or split. With Suzuki, a split occurred. With @kylehutson, a bruise was the result. Here's the thing to point out... that energy is tremendously localized, due to those springs absorbing it. While the upper half of the mask has two flanking spring mounts to channel that energy, the lower half only has the one... and it's centerline... and slightly lower than your lip. So, as Kyle pointed out, the mask rotates, or pivots. It's not driving the mask straight back, but instead, in an axis of rotation that takes it on a path more tangent to your chin... ... and there we have that angle that a boxer's split occurs.
  21. Batter interference Rangers A’s

    Do not watch with volume up. "MUTE WARNING"
  22. Thanks but that is well outside my price range...I like the Adams/Schutt because of the price.
  23. I pulled a Suzuki

    What I was trying to say in my OP, is that I *think* the mask rotated (away from the forehead, toward the chin), because my chin isn't normally in contact with the brace. That would push the brace up-and-in toward the chin. More than anything else, I was completely surprised - both catchers had been doing great, and I expected him to get a glove on it. Suddenly I realized my mask was hit. Then it was a second or two and I thought. "Ouch, my chin hurts. Where the heck did that come from? I shouldn't be hurt from a dead-on hit with this mask."
  24. https://streamable.com/ejakc
  25. Yeah, but it was your right arm, Ken... you'd have been worthless. We need strikes, buddy. Strikes. Only "vociferous" strike-callers like Omer and I could get away with not using an arm mechanic. ... and pardon me for pulling an old thread up from the cellar of the past, gang.
  26. Greetings from PA

    Happy belated Birthday
  27. 8-4-2B or 8-4-2C

    It's this that we have to pay attention to. Did R3 slide abnormally early? Did he cut way wide (inside/outside) in those last few steps (opposite of targeting, which would be indicative of malicious contact)? Did he throw on the brakes in close proximity to F2 / the plate? Players (runners, specifically) at less-than college age (inclusive of some high-end high school / academy players) are so conditioned on "avoid contact, must avoid contact" that they resort to abnormal things if and when – and despite – the fielder is in their path. This is where hurdling, diving or vaulting occurs. Barring that, most amateur players will make an effort to avoid. Some, though, just put blinders on and fixate on the plate and running there as directly as possible. No, they're not targeting the fielder (F2), but they're taking the risk that the throw, or the catcher's actions in fielding said throw, will take him out of the way and he'll "squeak through". If a runner gives me (the umpire) some sort of effort to avoid contact, and I've been observant of F2 (or another fielder, such as F1) setting up so as to block the plate, I'll judge and call OBS. But, if a runner comes in standing up, ignorant of anything else going on and it affects the fielder's ability to make a play on him (secure and complete a tag, for example), I'm calling INT. It likely isn't MC and an EJ, but it certainly is an Out.
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