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    What's an indicator?
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  4. BR Reverses Direction to HP, Baseball

    2015 NFHS Case Book play 8.1.1 Situation A: With R1, B2 bunts to F3 who fields the ball on the first bounce near the foul line. B2 stops and reverses toward home to avoid being tagged out by F3, who then throws to F6 for a force out on R1, and the relay throw fails to retire B2 at first base. RULING: As long as B2 did not touch or run beyond home nor leave the base path to avoid a tag, the action is legal.
  5. Ball 4 wild pitch

    Here is an interpretation for FED that can be found in the BRD (2016 edition, p. 216): FED Official Interpretation: Hopkins: If an on deck batter picks up a live ball: (1) With runners not moving, the ball is simply dead; (2) with runners moving, the ball is dead and the runner on whom the defense would have played is out. If the umpire cannot determine which runner, the one nearer home is out. (Website 2003 #19)
  6. Ball 4 wild pitch

    "Bad kid. Bad".
  7. How about like how the old +POS “Samurai” CP was designed? With small plastic plates on the extension that would allow flexibility and give hard shell protection
  8. Squeeze Play

    2018 (also in the 2015 case book with same number) NFHS Case Book play 8.1.1 Situation L: With R3 trying to score on a steal or squeeze play. F2 obstructs the batter’s swing. RULING: This is defensive obstruction and R3 is awarded home. The batter is awarded first base. COMMENT: If the catcher, or any other defensive player, obstructs the batter before he has become a batter-runner, the batter is awarded first base. If on such obstruction a runner is trying to score by a steal or a squeeze from third base, the play will be a delayed dead ball which results in the runner on third scoring and the batter being awarded first base. Runners not attempting to steal or not forced to advance remain on the bases occupied at the time of the obstruction.
  9. Ball 4 wild pitch

    Tell him "don't do that"
  10. Ball 4 wild pitch

    NFHS Rules: No one on, 1 out. Ball 4 wild pitch, on deck batter goes and picks up the ball thinking it was ball 3. Ruling?
  11. Squeeze Play

    Sorry to resurrect this from last year but what @maven says bears renewing in your mind every year or actually anytime there is an R3:
  12. The 10th annual @UmpsCare Charities Online Auction is underway on MLB.com, and back are the popular "Lunch with an Ump" experiences, umpire gift boxes, tickets and suites, and signed memorabilia. UMPS CARE was founded by MLB Umpires. 334 items are up for bids in this year's UMPS CARE Charities... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  13. The Interference Call

    ... unless he visits the mound on the way there or the way back.
  14. The Interference Call

  15. The Interference Call

    New guy. Quick question. If the coach calls time and goes into right field, or anywhere on the playing field, to argue the call does he get charged a mound visit?

    Of course....
  17. All Star FM 4000 MAG

    Yeah I'll take some tonight.
  18. Which shoulder plates? Let’s identify them (at least what you mean) and let’s get a solution for ya. It would be overkill if it was in a taller size. If you need that extra 4”, making it a 17”, then attach the 3DO extension. @jwclubbie and I went round and round about this, and he wants me to devise a way of making a hard-plated extension. Now, he’s a long-torso’d dude, so I see his point, but really, to run a hard plastic plate that long down the front of your torso just restricts mobility. Also, for those guys that have bellies, if you put a hard plastic plate against your front, you make the overall fit worse because your belly projects the CP out and presses against or exposes your collarbones more.
  19. Out or foul tip

    You mean like this, from OBR: A FOUL TIP is a batted ball that goes sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher’s hands and is legally caught.

    Yes, there is. There are also "book rule doubles" -- which most of what get called "ground rule doubles" are.
  21. I don't call mine a beer belly. It's now referred to as a fat muscle. Took me a long time to get it and one pitch to destroy it. I figure if I call it a beer belly, that when I get hit the keg tap might start flowing.
  22. Force 3 V3 Chest Protector

    Sometimes, webmasters are a bit tardy in updating. Consider, too, that Force3 may be trying to sell off the UnEqual V2 stock on hand, and doesn’t want to confuse customers. If the V3 is sporting a new logo on the high chest, then I did see one in person. My partner last week was wearing his “brand new” UnEqual. Either way, from the read of the description, the sternum blast plate was thickened, there’s an additional layer of EVA foam to supplement the Kevlar, and the custom fit options have been optimized. Note that the neoprene outer skin is there for two purposes: 1) to seal and protect the Kevlar from UV light (which would cause it to decay) and 2) to reduce damage to your shirts and jackets when an impact does happen. All this updating spells one thing for me –bring on the Big Leagues!!
  23. Out or foul tip

    "then along came Rumble"...
  24. Out or foul tip

    This... this is solid gold. Gold, I say!

    There is no such thing as a 'ground rule' double...wait for it....
  26. Ebay finds

    Hey, everybody gotta do what they gotta do. I’m only an advocate for our fellow umpire – or anyone for that matter – not being pushed into paying full retail and being gouged on something with an ambiguously inflated price. Do you still happen to have the ailettes (gap flaps)?

    What's with all the test questions?
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