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  2. Balk Award

    The hit by pitch itself makes the ball dead.
  3. So @Scott K... is there a way to adjust the length of the straps that attach to the shirt?
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  5. Where is the arrow pointing?

    For the WIN!!!
  6. Balk Award

    Batter hit by pitch when runners are forced to advance on the HP?
  7. Nike ti, Wilson pads

    Oh boy. I don’t know why, but I read this in a silly voice and I have to say, you cracked me up.
  8. Missed call?

    Okay I'll do the shameless plug thing here. UmpCast did an episode over common baseball rules myths in Episode 6. We cover the "base the runner is going to plus one" myth as well as several others. I have to say it's been one of our more popular episodes, and we've been considering doing another episode about rules myths in the future.
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  10. Can you do anything here?

    How did I get brought into this?
  11. Nike ti, Wilson pads

    Well well...
  12. UIL State Tournament Batter interference

    From what I could see, he called the strike on the batter, and then saw the interference and immediately called time. Didn't look like he pointed and called the interference - just called time as soon as the catcher was hindered.
  13. Missed call?

    This was the case for our local little league in 7s and 8s play, where there were 'house rules' to limit runners advancing at will on throws that got past the intended recipient (not out of play). It was "base he was headed to plus one" so it mattered if the runner was going back to a base or not. I can only imagine this language was put in place by a guy, years before I came along, who thought this was based on a real OBR rule...
  14. UIL State Tournament Batter interference

    Live with? Isn't it dead when the throw doesn't retire the runner? Enforcement of penalty was wrong, but time was more or less correct, no?
  15. Nike ti, Wilson pads

    What happened with the riddell I bought from you? Never heard back from you
  16. Missed call?

    I'm really glad you asked this question. In USSSA and USA Softball Fastpitch, always TOT. (I did not realize this was true.) In USSSA Slow Pitch, same as OBR, including the "first play" language. It's always good to have a reason to stick your nose back into a rule book.
  17. Women in the profession

    One issue I will point out is D1 is not looked at as a breeding ground for MiLB umpires. In fact, it is the opposite. MiLB is becoming a breeding ground for D1 umpires. Also, one issues that continues to be brought up is height preference. There are males that are not getting contracts out of pro school and being told height is a preference in today's world. Of course nobody official will go on record but do know people who is were told out of pro school a certain body type is being preferred right now up the ranks.
  18. Diagram Program

    Google SketchUp should work.
  19. Missed call?

    I'm going to say, thank you. Most coaches/fans wouldn't look it up and then get it wrong for another 30 years.
  20. HP Umpire Will Little ejected White Sox Manager Rick Renteria (strike three call; QOCN) in the top of the 6th inning of the White Sox-Indians game. With two out and none on, White Sox batter Yoan Moncada took a 3-2 sinker from Indians pitcher Corey Kluber for a called third strike. Replays indicate... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] View the full article
  21. Called a Bad Game, How to Recover

    @Kevin_K is spot on. I'll add... simplify each pitch and make everything slow down! Make sure you're ON TIME getting set to see the pitch, make sure you're focused on tracking the ball with your eyes all the way to the catcher's mitt, and do your very best to see the threads on the ball. When I kick a pitch, my first instruction to myself is 'forget it', next, 'be on time for THIS pitch, find the ball, track the ball, read the threads, see it hit the catcher's mitt, decide the call, make the call'. And indeed, everybody has those games, it's part of the deal. Don't let it mean more than it really does. It's a baseball game, and quite likely nobody died, lost their job, or even one penny because you had a rough game. So don't sweat it too much. If you do, umpiring will cease to be fun for you, and you'll be worse than ever. I'm speaking from experience.
  22. MHSAA Finals

    Thanks Steve, CONGRATS TO YOU AS WELL!!!! Nice job!
  23. MHSAA Finals

    That's awesome Jeff. I know you worked really hard to get there and so glad it was the experience you were hoping for. I was also selected to work a final this year, and I had a great time and worked with 3 really good umpires.
  24. Can you do anything here?

    I like deep B in 3 or 4 man with only R1. It's usuallly the best look at the tag of a stealing R1 and it is the look you have been getting throughout your regular season in 2 man, especially if you are nimble enough to drift back with the throw.
  25. Can you do anything here?

    Our HS association requires U3 to be in C when he's inside. CCA allows B or C and I would say 80% of the umpires that I know prefer B. It's just a better look at the most likely tag on a steal of second base.
  26. Can you do anything here?

    Then I amend my answer: U2 can go to either B or C depending on his preference. I prefer deep B for all 4-man configurations when U2 in inside.
  27. Can you do anything here?

    Oh, this was a 4-man crew, that's why I was wondering which you were talking about with positioning, because of steals at 3B.
  28. Nike ti, Wilson pads

    That's a sweet Nike setup with those pads. Wish I could afford it.
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